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A holistic approach to encompass a Christian School’s or College’s Strategic Plan, Masterplan, and Learning Environment for Students and Staff is be undertaken to deliver a highly functional, attractive and cost effective design solution.

The primary mission of any Christian School or College Strategic Plan, is to educate and empower young students to embrace a love of life and learning whilst nurturing an inclusive, contemporary, Christian learning community which enables each student to pursue their full potential.

Under the Strategic Plan, this mission is to be delivered through the development of a series of strategies and the targeted allocation of resources across each of the following four strategic directions:

1.Faith and Identity
2.Learning Excellence, Innovation and Leadership
3.Community and Relationships
4.Sustainability and Adaptability


The School site is to be a safe, welcoming and secure environment.

The School Masterplan is to ensure clarity in way-finding and equitable access around the School/College with interconnected, transparent and visible places for learning whilst pursuing environmentally sustainable outcomes to support and sustain our future.


Recognize the importance of delivering high quality educational outcomes for students, to make learning spaces more demonstrable and transparent.

Students are to have access to a diverse range of learning spaces to accommodate a diverse range of learning behaviors and needs including access to outdoor learning spaces.

Space encourages interaction between staff & student, student & student, staff & staff. An extension of Contemporary Learning is to be associated with specific flexible learning spaces and supported by staff.

Multi-disciplined curriculum is integrated and connected with spaces that support this. Pastoral care is supported with appropriate space to deliver high-level student support.

Students are equipped with lifelong skills, including an awareness of the environment and sustainability.


The School or College supports a range of year groups (cohorts) and Contemporary centered learning across the school. Celebrate the culture of the School/College through connected school stories.

The School or College will be a place that enables Community connections. 

The School or College offers access to support the broader community.

The School or College will be a place that fosters student connections. It will connect students to the physical place, to each other, to the staff and to the broader local community.

The School or College provides spaces for individuals and for collaboration to share expertise, display resources and promote practice.

Social sustainability and wellbeing is to be embedded in the culture of the School or College.



C2 architecture is a practice with a design orientated, practical approach to delivering a quality project. This approach is grounded with the Principals, who have refined a quality project delivery process, over many decades.

Specializing in a combination of large complex signature iconic projects including community and education, C2 Architecture projects are understood to have an elegant contemporary aesthetic with environmentally friendly, sustainable and integrated elements.

C2 architecture combines the abilities of the Principals and the Studio teams who demonstrate a good practical, working understanding of how to provide the maximum value within the client's brief and construction budget.

C2 architecture has expertise in architecture, urban design and masterplanning with studios in Brisbane, Sydney and Kuala Lumpur.


Each project is designed to be clearly legible where spatial organization is considered at both the macro and micro scale.

During the design process, construction documentation and extending to the completion of the construction, a Principal/Project team leader will be the single point of contact to ensure continual communication and clear understanding throughout the project delivery process. 

C2 Architecture has developed a robust design process which encourages a collaborative approach involving the School/College Project Manager/Building Officer, School/College Principals/Leadership Team and the C2 Architecture -Studio Team from the early design stage to final documentation. This approach takes advantage of a full depth of knowledge and experience within C2 Architecture to ensure an understanding of the client brief to arrive at the most desirable design outcomes.

Current and recent education projects include nearly 60 projects for Religious Schools ranging in value from $0.6M to $40.0M . The diversity of projects includes master planning, architecture, interior fit-outs and furniture selection for education buildings.

C2 Architecture can provide a complete service throughout the various Project Delivery Stages from: 

1. Design Briefing,
2. Schematic Design, 
3. Construction Drawings,
4. Building Approval (Construction Certificate) and  
5. Construction.


C2 Architecture prides itself on our continual and effective communication and co-ordination with all the relevant stakeholders, including client (School or College Principal/PM), all consultants and builder to ensure the entire project runs seamlessly whilst meeting the budget and program requirements.

Additionally, it is essential when providing design, construction documentation and delivery of any project, there is an intrinsic understanding of efficient planning, quality aesthetic considerations, whilst implementing cost effective construction methodology including understanding materials and their costs, construction efficiencies and build-ability.

Our Project Delivery Strategy includes an initial meeting with all relevant stakeholders at the inception of the Project, to establish the Design Brief and to further prepare the Schematic Design for client approval. This may also include consultation with a Townplanning Consultant to determine any Development Approval requirements or Ministerial Infrastructure Designation considerations.

C2 Architecture initially organise a site meeting with all consultants in conjunction with the School/College Facilities Manager, and sometimes a selected Builder to identify all building certifier, structural, hydraulic, electrical, mechanical and energy efficiency considerations, including for any National Construction Code “performance based” solutions which will assist in determining the most Cost-effective Design and Construction Solutions.

Furthermore, during the Project Delivery Process, C2 Architecture will liaise with a Quantity Surveyor ( SW Consultants) from the Design Brief Stage through to the final Construction Stage, to ensure Construction Budgets are being met at each and every stage. This holistic approach will add value to any Education building project to ensure client brief, budgets and programs are met.

C2 Architecture have adopted this approach and managed to deliver over 60 projects on time and on budget, for Brisbane during the last 18 years.
Additionally, C2 Architecture have an excellent working knowledge of the BGA process including expertise in completing high quality BGA applications together with Brisbane Catholic Education.

During this process ,C2 Architecture identify, review and critically analyse the Schools/College’s current facilities and Masterplan, by way of an Area Review and Analysis to ensure compliance and develop a long-term strategy for all current and future BGA grant applications.

Within any BGA application, C2 Architecture capture all possible grant entitlements together with their corresponding Costs (item/ lnm/sqm allowance) including EIS, infrastructure works, building works, furniture, fixtures, authority fees and all associated consultant fees which are available to the School/College under the BGA guidelines.

Concurrently, we have worked and continue to work in consultation with James Wong from SW Consultants on a number of Education - BGA funded projects and have achieved a 100% success rate for all our BGA Applications from 2007 until 2023.


C2 Architecture employs 3D Sketchup, Autocad & Revit technology in every project to better present the design through  visualisation to the clients, consultants and builders.

LUXED 190916lo-12_edited.jpg

Contemporary Learning Spaces – Inside + Outside + Nature

The contemporary learning environment is designed to ensure the collaboration between students and facilitators, flexible indoor and outdoor learning spaces whilst connecting to the natural environment. New School Design incorporates nature to create healthier, more connected and supportive learning environments.

Any new School design and planning requires the creation of flexible learning spaces ( Thornburg) providing opportunity for:

Campfires where students gather as a large group to learn from a facilitator.

Waterholes where peers share information and collaborate.

Caves which are private spaces for individuals to think, reflect and transform learning from external knowledge to internal belief. This approach fosters the student to be a life-long learner encouraging them to take this forward into adult life.

The selection and arrangement of furniture is also considered as part of the design process which allows for distinct and individual learning spaces to be created in many different and flexible ways.

Moreover, the association of human health, well-being, and the natural environment should be established within the context of any School architecture. A nature-based design through the inclusion of biophilia is important for learning environments.

Humans have an instinctive desire to socialise in the natural environment and connect with other living organisms such as trees and plants. New School Design elements need to include access to natural daylight, access to fresh air, direct access to living nature, views of green spaces, use of natural materials and the proximity to restorative and natural outdoor spaces.

We are in the age of the most technologically savvy demographic. Young student’s cultural perspective of smartphones, tablets, technology and media is re-shaping traditional classroom layouts and settings. In addition, emerging innovation in artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality and robotics are shaping educational experiences and learning practices.

Australian research has shown that excessive use of technology among students is linked to issues such as increased isolation, depression, anxiety, and attention problems along with the largely sedentary nature of the digital world.

Biophilic design in education may balance out some of these issues by reconnecting students to nature.

Architecture that includes nature can contribute towards the student learning experience by helping to frame the education space. The size, shape and aspect of rooms and the selection of building materials and interior fabrics are some features that can improve learning space for students.

In summary, a design approach that considers overall user experience, including students and educators can ensure positive results through appropriate exposure to nature in the overall design of any educational environment. Aspects such as daylight, fresh air and greenery can affect how students hear, breathe, see, feel and move, and can influence their ability to absorb, understand and apply learning in school environments.

List of Projects:

Nearly 60 Education projects from 2005 to 2024

Construction Costs for projects listed below range from $0.6M to $40.0M.

Our Lady of Angels School, Wavell Heights – Masterplan

St Anthony’s School, Kedron – Masterplan

Our Lady Help of Christians School ,Hendra – Masterplan

St Joseph’s School, Nundah – Masterplan

St Flannan’s School, Zillmere - Masterplan

Star of the Sea School, Cleveland –Masterplan

St Andrews School, Ferny Grove – Masterplan

St Finbarr’s School, Ashgrove – Masterplan

EOI 01.jpg

Our Lady of Angels School, Wavell Heights – Administration Building
St Josephs School, Nundah - Administration Building
St Anthonys School, Kedron – Administration Building
St Andrews School , Ferny Grove  - Administration Building
Mt Carmel School,  Coorparoo – Administration Building 
Our Lady Help of Christians School ,Hendra – Administration Building

EOI 02.jpg

St Anthony’s School, Kedron – Prep and Classroom Blocks
Our Lady of Angels School, Wavell Heights – Prep, year 1&2 classrooms and playgrounds.
Our Lady of Angels School, Wavell Heights – Senior School classroom block and Music Rooms
Our Lady of Angels School, Wavell Heights – Middle School classroom block 
Star of the Sea School, Cleveland – Senior Classroom Block and Multiple Purpose Centre
St Andrews School, Ferny Grove – Junior and Middle Classroom Block
Mt Carmel School, Coorparoo – Music Centre. 
St Joachims School, Holland Park – Library and Multi-purpose Centre
Our Lady Help of Christians School ,Hendra –  Junior Classroom Building
St Finbarrs Primary School, Ashgrove – Prep Classroom Facility
Our Lady of Angels School, Wavell Heights – Creative Arts Centre ( Music, Art and Drama)

EOI 03.jpg

Our Lady of Angels School, Wavell Heights – Library
St Anthony’s School, Kedron – Library
St Josephs School, Nundah – Library
St Flannan’s School, Zillmere – Library  
Star of the Sea School, Cleveland – Library
St Andrews School, Ferny Grove – Library

EOI 04.jpg

Our Lady of Angels School, Wavell Heights – PE Centre, Amenities and Assembly Building
Our Lady of Angels School, Wavell Heights – Oval and Covered Bleachers 
St Joachims School , Holland Park - PE Centre and Assembly Building
St Anthony’s School, Kedron – Assembly Building 
Our Lady Help of Christians School ,Hendra – PE Centre and Assembly Building
St Josephs School, Nundah – PE Centre and Assembly Building
Star of the Sea School, Cleveland – PE Centre and Assembly Building
St Andrews School, Ferny Grove – PE Centre and Assembly Building


EOI 05.jpg

Sophia College, Plainlands - Gymnasium and Outdoor Multipurpose Court Facility. ( 2023 grant application)
Our Lady of Angels School, Wavell Heights - Outdoor Multipurpose Court Facility. ( 2023 grant application)
St Finbarrs Primary School, Ashgrove - Outdoor Multipurpose Court Facility ( 2023 grant application)
St Peter Chanel School, The Gap - Outdoor Multipurpose Court Facility ( 2023 grant application)
St Finbarrs Primary School, Ashgrove - Outdoor Multipurpose Court Facility ( 2023 grant application)
St. Thomas More College, Sunnybank – New Athletics Track/Covered Bleachers ( 2023 grant application)

EOI 06.jpg

Luxed International School Kuala Lumpur - Year 1 to 12 Vertical School

EOI 07.jpg
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